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Newborn Photography Australia

Ever turned out for your newborn session and there is a galore of choice for your little ones but you are not sure what to wear to complement them? Most photographers will let you know you can never go wrong with neutral color choice and they are absolutely right.

However if you are looking for something extra special you can also never go wrong with our beautiful photoshoot gowns and robes available for hire. The tulle gowns, boho outfits make amazing outfit choice for mum with your newborn portraits. The gowns look amazing with newborns but we especially love to see photos when the babies are at that stage  where they have rolls for days and can sit on your lap or you can hold them up high gazing at each other with all the love. 

Our personal favorite are the tulle gowns which can also be used to cover your newborn baby and beyond. Tulle is definitely gives you a luxurious feminine touch especially with the ruffles which can be spread around you either sitting down or lying down to make the best portrait images. 

Best Time to Take Photos.

Newborn 10 to 14 days of birth

The newborn photos are usually taken around first two weeks from when the baby is born. At this stage your baby sleeps for most of the time and is very placid so can have a whole different set of photos taken easily. Ideally you would want to book your new born session in advance to avoid missing out on your local photographer, also some of photographers are booked months in advance so its always a good idea to get them locked in well ahead of time. Remember to also book well ahead of time if you would love to wear one of our photoshoot dresses and robes for hire.

Eight to Ten Weeks Old

Personally this a favorite time to take baby and mommy photos with our tulle gowns, at this stage your baby is definitely aware of their environment and knows mum very well. They have a bit of a personality, open their eyes. You will probably get lots of smiles and photographer can capture their blossoming personalities. It can be a tricky time as they might be a crying fest at the photoshoot but you could also capitalize on that and have really nice breast feeding photos at this stage. Very few people have photos of them breast feeding their little one and this is just a special moment in life its worth having a keepsake to look back to. If you hire or gowns or robes they will make beautiful portraits of you and your little one.

Eight to Nine Months 

This is another favorite stage! Your baby will probably be sitting at this stage and a whole lot cuteness overload. They are totally playful and interactive at this stage lots of peekaboo games and clapping our hands. Its one of those stages were you really want some photos done, even if you do not hire our dresses or gowns its nice to have those photos before they start running around into toddlerhood. Outdoor session are a personal favorite and you will have beautiful family photos with your little one. 

Photos are always a good idea  regardless of time. They are part of memories you will also hold dear and share with generations to come. We are always happy to be a part of your special moment.



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