• Select your dress/robe

    Select your beautifulmaternity dress for a photoshoot , couples shoot: we believe you should really rock that bump with a comfortable dress or robe that makes you feel beautiful without breaking the bank of course. Choose from our collection of rental robes and gowns in custom maternity styles and colors.

  • Scheduling

    Select a maternity dress rental start date that works best for you, i.e. the date you would like to receive the dress. We recommend a start date that is a 1-2 days before your event or maternity photo shoot. You can rent a pregnancy gown for up to five days. For our photographer clients check ourAustralian Maternity Photoshoot Photographers page for discounted rental option for business.

  • Return your dress!

    Use your enclosed prepaid Australia Post satchel and return your dress to us. No-wash or dry cleaning needed. We take care of that for you. Just insure the dress is dry before placing it in sachet. If you didnt pay for a prepaid return satchel, please email sales@luxebumps.com.au tracking number once you have posted the dress with Australia Post Express.

    Our Return Address:

    Luxe Bumps Australia, 12 Wilberforce Ct, Leanyer, NT 0812.


Rental Collection

We have a broad range of maternity photoshoot dresses for hire. If you are not pregnant that's okay our collection Tulle Robes, Dresses and Boho styles to suit any occasion from maternity photography, mommy and me photos, boudoir photography, solo photoshoot, couples, bridal robes and milestone birthdays.

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  • Sustainable Fashion

    We offermaternity photoshoot gowns for hire Australia wide. If you know you won't be wearing or using a dress frequently then hiring it is the best option. ForAustralian maternity photographers we offer longer rental periods with opportunity to swap if the dress is not working for you and your clients.

  • Yes! You Do Not Have To Be Pregnant

    Whilst our collections are thoughtfully sought for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Our beautiful dresses or tulle robes will suit any occasion, even if you are not pregnant. You or your clients look amazing in our collection of robes and gowns.

  • Local Business

    When you shop or rent with us you are also supporting Australian small business. We an online business and ship to all cities and towns in Australia. Our home base is Darwin so you can pickup if you are local, the gowns are not made in Australia but sourced from manufactures in Hong Kong, China and Brazil.

maternity photo shoot gown

What to Wear for a Maternity Photoshoot

Planning your maternity photoshoot outfit? There are a lot of different directions you can go, but there’s nothing quite like a maternity photoshoot dress to capture the beauty of this season. Luxe Bumps Australia carries a variety of maternity gown style options like tulle maternity robes, maternity maxi dress, and more so you can customize your maternity shoot look. It’s important to find a comfortable maternity photo shoot dress that beautifies your baby bump for timeless maternity pictures.

Check out our maternity photo dresses for formal wear, baby shower, special occasion, weddings, maternity photography, and pregnancy reveals that fit your lifestyle and budget. Rent a maternity dress or view our collection ofmaternity photoshoot dress for sale on our site.

Rental Collection

Why Hire Photoshoot outfit

If you are investing money in paying for a photoshoot you might as well look good right? The reality most of the dresses and robes are not practical to be worn on a day to day basis. Most of our gowns are floor length and very rarely will you go around wearing them. Which makes hiring them out for your photoshoot or event most reasonable choice. Its also saves room for you closet space and you will be doing you little bit on saving the enviroment from excess clothes that get thrown away every year.

For Photographers

Most of photographers have huge client wadrobes and some of the dresses are very expensive and yet non of the clients ever choose them. If you are unsure of if the dress will work for you and your clients joing our membership allows you to rent some dresses at a really affordable price. It also gives you a chance to know whether the dress will work for your clients before you invest in them. We have had photographers complaining that they now just have too much stuff so using our client wadrobe might save you some space.

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Sale Collection

Purchase beautiful photoshoot dresses to add to your client wardrobe. Most of dresses and robes are available as pre-order only, we have limited stock in Australia please make your orders in advance.

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